Paris Photo gives a carte blanche to the students of the Gobelins l'école de l'image to share their vision of the International Fair. Under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, they follow the behind the scenes of the event from the construction of the booths to the excitement of the fair. in video and in photos, they share their view of this world-wide event for photography in Paris.

GOBELINS, the school of image, is an educational institution of the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is today the school of reference for the creation of the image from its conception to its production. It has built a solid reputation for over 50 years in the fields of  photography, interactive design, graphic design, animation, print and multimedia communication. 

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© Bérénice Gasquet

© Héloïse Candolfi

© Théo Truel

© Manon Cavaco

© Adèle Delbet

© Clara Ozem

© Solenn Delhaye-Boloh

© Rose Mihman

© Lou Respinger

© Léa Gorges

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© Paloma Malric

© Frédéric Magalhaes

© Capucine Liger

© Violette Herfeld

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© Axelle Leskerpit

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© Maxime Turpault

© Louna Fitoussi

© Jeanne Narquin

© Enora Dubois

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© Elisa Antoine

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© Valérie Roumeliotis-Ottavy

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