Xavier Dumoulin with his series Incandescence 

Through his images, Xavier takes us to natural landscapes that we are familiar with and which seem immutable. On closer inspection, these fragments of space are only part of a whole entity in which each element influences the other, an immense mechanism in which each cog has its precise place. Transformed by artificial lighting, these urban territories nestled in the immense nature evoke lava flows.

These captivating images show us light pollution in which the night is consumed and with it the stars. Our perception of the cosmos is withering and the feeling of osmosis with universal space is increasingly rare. An invaluable loss of a certain poetic relationship to the world. Within this fiery vehicle we are blind to the destruction it wreaks even though we perceive faint messages from outside that alert us to the urgency and impending doom. 


Fire is everywhere: in the forests, in the climate, in the oceans, in our food, in our relationship with others... Fueled by money. Man seems to ignite everything he touches and the earth ignites where he settles. These two incandescence, electric and symbolic, raise the fundamental question of the growing dichotomy between Man and his environment. The gap widened gradually, perhaps due to
the original need to fight against nature for its survival, until it became a separation that would see Man as a superior entity.