“We believe we are living in a time that stretches beyond the binary restriction of feminine and masculine.”

Do you define yourselves as photographers?

Yes, we define ourselves as photography artists. We both were interested in photography and we both studied and practiced it before meeting each other. From different perspectives, we were captivated by the power to capture images that tell stories beyond what they portray. We are and have been for as long as we can both remember fascinated by the chemical and technical aspect of analogue photography. We have a studio with a darkroom where we experiment with papers, films and chemicals. We collect cameras dating back to the 1800s that we use to explore different optics.

What drives you as photographers?

We have been working for fifteen years on various series which focus on modern architecture, the 20th century, personal archives and portraits.

Do you think there is such a thing as a ‘woman’s gaze’ in photography? Is this something you can relate to?

The female gaze is not our main concern, nor something we look for in our practice, although as two women living and working together, we aim to be real and honest with who we are and what we think. We believe we are living in a time that stretches beyond the binary restriction of feminine and masculine and gives us all the opportunity to see, experiment and create in a way that is true to what we identify as.

When we chose the pen name Lake Verea, we decided to use our last names instead of our given names, as a gesture to surpass the instant gender classification, although we never hide our identity or full names. We have noticed an interest for women to be at the center of the discussion and hope this will keep on going, not as a trend but as a recognition.

Has being a woman influenced your work as artists in any way? 

We are who we are, two women who do not hide nor run away from our femininity. We embrace it and hope that through an honest, personal, introspective and intimate way, we can create work which will raise questions and communicate with others.

Do you live off your art?

Yes, we do live from our work as artists. We concentrate on doing so and do not have side jobs nor secondary careers.

Which artists inspire you? Are there any women photographers among them?

We are inspired by many artists from different time periods and places. We deeply admire the power of an artist to revolutionize the world, our world. To make a list would be unfair and long, so we will mention some of the women who have recently touched and transformed our lives.

Artists: Anni Albers, Tacita Dean, Frida Kahlo, Minerva Cuevas, Dora Maar, Tamara de Lempicka. Composers: Maryanne Amacher, Pauline Oliveros. Architects: Charlotte Perriand, Lilly Reitch, Eileen Gray. Writers: Eileen Myles, Mary Shelly, Ann Lister, Vita Sachville-West, Gertrude Stein. Photographers: Paulina Lavista, Graciela Itrubide, Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, Cindy Sherman, Lee Miller, Cathy Opie, Annie Leibovitz, Anna Atkins, Lucia Moholy, Jane and Louise Wilson.

Lake Verea


The artistic duo Lake Verea formed in 2005, is made up of Francisca Rivero-Lake Cortina (born in 1973) and Carla Verea Hernández (born in 1978). Since that time, the two female artists have been experimenting with photographic techniques and formats resulting in an intimate and singular body of work inspired by architecture, portraits and ruins. The duo has been exhibited widely in Europe and Latin America and has won several photographic awards (among them, the BJP International Photography Award in 2007 and the Residence New Roots Foundation in 2019). Lake Verea feature in the permanent collections of the Jumex Collection, the Rufino Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum del Estranquillo in Mexico, the Barragán Foundation in Switzerland and the Catherine Petitgas Collection in the United Kingdom.

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