I discovered that my lack of visual memory is a condition known as Aphantasia. This discovery led me to start a project exploring the lack of visual imagery in my mind. I adopted an experimental approach to investigate the relationship between memory and mental visual imagery. I have realised that far from inhibiting my creative practice, this condition actually benefits my creativity.  I must start a project without any end plan and let my subconscious lead me through the unknown. The selected images are emblematic of the emotional attachment I have to my memories. I use them to express my experience of displacement and exile. I manually add new layers onto the surface of photographic prints, as a way to connect visually with my memories and to bring to life the journey across time and space that separates me from the past.


I am an Iranian artist living in London and a recent graduate from BA Photography course at London Metropolitan University. My work is based on an experimental methodology in which the use of different mediums enables me to use a playful approach in creating artwork.