Especially in recent years, rapid technological progress and increasing digitalisation have had a major impact on contemporary society, and as Louise Bourgeois so beautifully said, "Art is not about art. Art is about life, and that sums it up". In this sense, it seems important to promote artists who not only work with new media, but whose work reflects the impact of technological revolutions and illustrates the many ways in which they affect our lives, society and economy. Moreover, art in the digital age is not uniform. As a result of increasing digitalisation, the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are becoming more and more blurred. What begins digitally can manifest itself physically and vice versa. And often hybrid forms emerge with fluid transitions. At the same time, as in many works in the new digital sector, the traditional understanding of established art genres such as painting, sculpture and photography is being challenged by the digital. Artists David Horvitz and Louisa Clement and curator Marco de Mutiis join Nina Roehrs to discuss what Art in the Digital Age is all about.