Aaron Huey is a National Geographic photographer and Founder + Creative Director of  As a photographer Huey has created over 30 stories for the National Geographic magazines including several cover stories, and is also leading new projects inside the brand from VR and AR to metaverse spaces.  Huey’s Bear Ears Virtual Museum VR experience promoted the protection of sacred lands and won the Webby for best VR Interactive Design (2019), and is being made into Augmented Reality lessons and metaverse experiences to teach pre-Colonial History in K-12 schools across the country.  His current assignment for the magazine is photographing virtual worlds using virtual cameras, in a dozen metaverse worlds, using custom avatars.  As a Stanford Knight Fellow and then as one of the first d.School Media Experiments Fellows, Huey focused on using the human centered design process in both the analog and digital world to evolve his storytelling.  That resulted in many projects beyond traditional photography, including the evolution of his art and advocacy non-profit Amplifier, which created the global art phenomenon called "We The People" out of his backyard in Seattle.   Huey now leads Amplifier Labs and all of the organization's work on NFTs, social tokens, metaverse wearables, and world builds.  Huey was recently named a Stanford Starling Lab Fellow where he is mapping Web3 ecosystems and new frameworks for data integrity.