Mathieu Asselin

  • PHOTOBOOK AWARDS 2017: THE Laureates


  • Nominés Prix du Livre

    Mathieu Asselin
    Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation
    Verlag Kettler
    Dortmund, Germany, 2017
    Designed by Ricardo Báez

    Mathieu Asselin’s Monsanto is a serious, ambitious work of investigative storytelling—one that tracks its subject’s past, present, and possible future. The project unfolds along several interlocking tracks, including one that sets forth the various ways in which the Monsanto biotechnology corporation has sold its story of “better living through chemistry,” in addition to others that trace the byproducts and often underreported long-term risks of many of its products, from Agent Orange to PCB coolants and GMO crops. “This book is stuffed full of carefully researched case studies, archival materials, QR codes that link to related videos, and the photographer’s own photographs that track the sites and people impacted by Monsanto’s activities over the years,” states Lesley A. Martin. “All of this is brought together in an easy-to-read—if chilling—carefully constructed structure within the book.” With this publication, Asselin has created a convincing plea for corporate responsibility and transparency.

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