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Impression jet d'encre pigmentaire

The thermal system uses a heating element placed in the ink channel of each nozzle: the ink heats up rapidly and the increased pressure causes the propulsion of the droplet. As for the piezoelectric system, it consists in ejecting droplets using a mechanical action.

The pigment ink used is composed of organic matter dispersed in a liquid mainly composed of water. While the basic colours are cyan, magenta and yellow, along with black, the colour range is now very wide as some printers currently have eight colours (CcMcYyKk), or even twelve (RGB and various tones of grey).

There is a wide variety of output media, each with an ink receiving layer: pure cotton paper and Baryta paper for Fine Art prints, multi-layer RC (Resin Coated) paper or plastic, synthetic or natural canvas and synthetic papers with or without a receiving layer, as well as coated papers for office purposes.

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