A little poetic power to tell it to the world

a little poetic power #2, Silvia Bigi 2023

A little poetic power to tell it to the world


a little poetic power to tell it to the world is a public performance in which a multitude of women read a hypertext made by verses from poems and novels by XX century female writers and poetesses, victims of psychic disorders. The hypertext is handled by an algorithm which shuffle the sentences each time differently, resurfacing the trauma of domestication and subjugation practices of the woman, against which the mind has rebelled. The performance becomes a space of redemption: an antibody fluidly occupied by many beings, challenging any form of normativity, regulation, management and control. This plurality of voices represents a collective corporeality that claims its right to a poetic power, which is, essentially, a political one.


The performance is ideated by the artist Silvia Bigi
With the support of Red Lab Gallery (Milan, Lecce / Italy)
Costume Designer: Maria Barbara De Marco


Wednesday 8 Nov, 11.30am
Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 Nov, 4pm


Grand Palais Ephémère, in the passage between the main building and the Galerie Eiffel.