Huan A Hei, The Daughter of The Moon



As an associate partner of this Paris Photo edition, OPPO, an exhibitor from China, showcase the spectacular winning artworks from the 2023 Imagine IF Photography Awards and presents a retrospective of the remarkable works from this year Imagine IF Photography Project, a global platform to encourage users worldwide to explore the experiential and artistic possibilities of mobile photography. These photographs were evaluated by contemporary photography artists such as Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer Liu Xiangcheng, Hasselblad Master Tina Signesdottir Hult, Wang Jianjun, and Hasselblad Ambassador Yin Chao under the theme of “Beyond the Image,Beyond Imagination" to highlight artistic expressions and captivating storytelling through thoughtful curation.

Huan A Hei's photography work "The Daughter of The Moon", which won the Master of the Year, is named after a traditional legend about a girl from the Yi nationality who became the moon's daughter because of her miraculous weaving skill. With a focus on highlighting female power through his photographs, Huan A Hei spent six years capturing the daily lives of local people to convey Yi culture and aesthetics.

Aside from the award-winning pieces in the exhibition, ten samples taken by photography masters and official institutions will be presented like Tina Signesdottir Hult who provides a portrait of a girl amidst a bed of flowers or Yin Chao who ceaselessly breathes life into static images. Wang Jianjun has also captured the striking geological features of the Ebo Liang landform in the Cold Lake town of Qinghai province. Apart from professional independent photographers, OPPO Imagine IF Photography Awards has also collaborated with Chinese National Geography to launch the "Marvelous Landscapes" monthly artwork collection campaign.