Curiosa welcomes 16 galleries from 9 countries (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan), and illustrates once again the dynamism of the young international scene. Selected by the new artistic director, Anna Planas, 17 artists participate in the fair for the first time, with a solo show. 

Hoda Afshar, Untitled #4, from In Turn series, 2023. Courtesy of the artist and MILANI GALLERY, Meeanjin / Brisbane


Nhu Xhuan Hua (1989, Paris, France) ANNE-LAURE BUFFARD*

Jonathan Rosić (1979, Tirlemont, Belgique – Bruxelles, Belgique) ARCHIRAAR

Andrés Barón (1986, Bogota, Colombie – Paris, France) DS GALERIE*

Ilanit Illouz (1977, Paris, France) FISHEYE*

Massao Mascaro (1990, Lille, France – Bruxelles, Belgique) GALERIE C*

Felipe Romero Beltrán (1992, Bogota, Colombie – Madrid, Espagne) HATCH*

Constance Nouvel (1985, Courbevoie, France – Paris, France) IN SITU - FABIENNE LECLERC*

Rebekka Deubner (1989, Munich, Allemagne – Paris, France) JÖRG BROCKMANN*

Yelena Yemchuk (1970, Kiev, Ukraine – New York, États-Unis) KOMINEK*

Hubert Crabières (1988, Aix-en-Provence, France – Argenteuil, France) MADÉ*

Hoda Afshar (1983, Téhéran, Iran – Melbourne, Australie) MILANI*

Kara Springer (1980, Bridgerton, La Barbade – Toronto, Canada) PATEL BROWN*

Silvia Bigi (1985, Ravenna, Italie – Milan, Italie) RED LAB*

Vivian Galban (1969, Buenos Aires, Argentine) ROLF ART

Ronghui Chen (1989, Lishui, China - Shanghai, China) UP*

Eléonore Lubna (1989, Paris, France) | Louis Matton (1989, Paris, France) YOUNIQUE*

Index 2023 * new exhibitors

Nhu Xuan Dua, Odalisque - Archive from the year ’72, 2021, Courtesy ANNE-LAURE BUFFARD INC

Ilanit Illouz, Les dolines, Vegetal IX series, 2016-2023, Courtesy FISHEYE GALLERY

Constance Nouvel, L'alternative, 2023, Courtesy IN SITU - FABIENNE LECLERC 

Hubert Crabières, Jeté de paillettes sur le balcon, un soir à Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgarie, 2020, Courtesy GALERIE MADÉ

Silvia Bigi, Irma (are you nobody, too?), 2022, Courtesy RED LAB GALLERY

Jonathan Rosic, Touching from a Distance 2, 2022, Courtesy ARCHIRAAR GALLERY

Massao Mascaro, Untitled (Sub Sole #34), 2020, Courtesy GALERIE C

Rebekka Deubner, Untitled #76, series strip, 2023 © Rebekka Deubner / Courtesy ESPACE JÖRG BROCKMANN

Hoda Afshar, Untitled #9, from In Turn series, 2023, Courtesy of the artist and MILANI GALLERY, Meeanjin / Brisbane

Vivian Galban, Exhibition in real time, 2019, Courtesy ROLF ART 

Eléonore Lubna et Louis Matton, Colline de la Communauté Native de Wawaim, Zongaruza, 2019, Courtesy Galerie Younique

Andrés Barón, Indexes and Kodak, 2018, Courtesy DS GALERIE

Felipe Romero Beltrán, Dialect, 2022, Courtesy HATCH

Yelena Yemchuk, Tris and Ania, Mystery of a Memory, 2019, Courtesy KOMINEK GALLERY

Kara Springer, Judith Mae, Part III, 2023, Courtesy PATEL BROWN

Chen Ronghui, 85 Howe street April 22, 2020, Courtesy UP GALLERY