Everything goes dark a little further down

It is through the image that monstrosity is created. From fictional monsters, to freak shows or 19th century hysteria, the making of images plays a primordial role. To define hysteria, staged images, which do not illustrate an existing concept but create it with them, are used as evidence. By hypnosis, one triggers crises on command, for the show. In freak shows, we invent incredible stories, we retouch the images, we add hair, we make small people sit on huge chairs and giants on tiny chairs. It has to be spectacular. Under curious eyes, the abnormality is exhibited and reinforces the norm. 

In this project, I am working on the idea of the banal monster. I want to reveal a monstrosity that is hidden in each of us, to embrace it rather than reject it. Drawing inspiration from the scientific, medical or anatomical iconography of the fine arts, I try to deconstruct and reconstruct normative representations of the body. Through an experimental search to go beyond my body, to the point of getting rid of it, I try to reach through images a bodily degradation, toward shapelessness. For this, I use self-representation as a means of action on my own body. I try to treat it as a modular material, and through its fragmentation and fragmentation, to reconstruct the image of a new body. In Le corps redressé, Georges Vigarello uses the metaphor of clay to talk about the body and the way in which the hand of the adult shapes the child and imposes its social and psychological limits. Paul B. Preciado speaks of the trans body as a "space to be built, to be reinvented", but perhaps this observation should be extended to all bodies, or at least to all images of bodies? To what extent is a body a body, and how can it free itself from the norms that suffocate it? This work, in a liberating dimension, attempts to blur the boundaries between the normal and the abnormal.


I was born in 1994 in Geneva. I completed the baccalauréat in Annemasse, France, and came back then to Switzerland. I took a photography degree in Vevey then entered the art school in Lausanne where I am currently taking a bachelor.