Three Colours I Know in This World

Three Colours I Know in This World quotes the first line of the Romanian communist anthem. A line translated into the language of photography, can help to analyse and understand my artistic and personal motivation too. I didn't choosed the subject, I just tried to clarify what I am looking for behind the picture and because of that I started to use a method. I started to play with my pictures: so I let them direct me and conduct me. This is a personal story considering the fact that communism created an enormous chasm between the generation of my parents; and that of mine. They lived through communism and they experienced the change of regime as well, but we didn't. Therefore they know something we don't. So here is this history I only heard of and wasn't part of, here are all the traumas inherited from my parents - and they all come together as visions in my head and sensations I feel in my body. My personal motivation is to move closer to my parents. Ceaușescu's voice, fears, desires, secrets and paranoia sepped into the private lives under the evil eyes of the Securitate. My parents best kept secret was their belief, their language, their soul. This is me.


My name is Kincső Bede. I'm living in Budapest and studying at University of Art and Design Moholy-Nagy, but my hometown is Covasna, which is a little city in Romania. I’m 25 years old and the cat fur is already in my blood. I have low blood pressure. I really love my loneliness and I like to applaud the beautiful things in this world. Three artists, who really inspire me in my work are: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Francis Bacon and Roger Ballen.

Here are some happenings I consider important in my ongoing year: - Photography Scholarship of the Association of Hungarian Photographers 2020, - selected artist for Bredaphoto Festival 2020 International Talent Program, - nominated to the international contest ''Blurring the Lines 2020''.