A patron of the arts since more than 50 years, BMW is celebrating 20 years of a rich and evolving partnership with PARIS PHOTO.

For half a century, BMW Group has resolutely affirmed its cultural commitment throughout the world with long-term partnerships, such as the one forged with Paris Photo over the past 20 years to support emerging creation.

“After having awarded prizes to artists supported by Paris Photo galleries as early as 2003, then created the BMW Residency in 2011, the group created the BMW ART MAKERS last year in order to adapt to the societal and creative challenges of today and continue our pioneering spirit to offer a place of expression to encourage the emergence of talent," says Vincent Salimon, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW Group France.

In this period of accelerated transformation, responsibility and reliability are of the utmost importance, as is culture. Artistic cooperation is an integral part of the BMW Group's social responsibility - in the past, present and future.

For its 20th anniversary, BMW is therefore presenting a retrospective of the 10 winners of the BMW Residency, a selection of works from the fair - the 20 favourites of Thomas Girst, Head of Global Cultural Engagement of the BMW Group and art historian, and a look into the future with the exhibition Suburban Hantology by Arash Hanaei and Morad Montazami, the winners of the BMW ART MAKERS, opening up new ways.