Index at July 15, 2019
* New comers


The Curiosa sector, inaugurated in 2018, is dedicated this year to emerging artists. Curated by Osei Bonsu (British-Ghanaian curator and writer), this year’s theme addresses photography’s increasingly unstable relationship to the physical world. The selection will illuminate the multiple realities of human experience while drawing attention to the non-visible in thoughtful and innovative ways.

ANCA POTERASU Bucharest* - Olivia Mihălţianu
BINOME Paris - Marie Clerel
CIBRIÁN San Sebastian* – Leandro Feal
DEROUILLON Paris* - Roman Moriceau
ESPACIO VALVERDE Madrid* - Alfredo Rodriguez
FISHEYE Paris - Morvarid K
FRIDMAN New York* - Nate Lewis
INTERVALLE Paris* - Elsa Leydier
KORNFELD Berlin* - David Meskhi
LA FOREST DIVONNE Paris* - Elsa & Johanna
MADÉ Paris* - Marguerite Bornhauser
OVER THE INFLUENCE Los Angeles - Nydia Blas
ROLF ART Buenos Aires* - Andrés Denegri
UN-SPACED Paris* – Thomas Hauser

Image: Elsa&Johanna, A Couple of Them, Courtesy Galerie La Forest Divonne © Johanna Benaïnous & Elsa Parra


Olivia Mihaltianu, Cette histoire n'est pas fantastique, 2018, gelatin silver print, 50 x 50 cm, Olivia Mihaltianu. ANCA POTERASU

Marie Clerel, Janvier 2018, Midi series, 2018, 31 lumen prints with cyanotype process on Canson paper, passe-partout, aluminium and veneered wood frame, anti-refective glass, unique piece in edition of 2 (+1AP), Marie Clerel, Galerie Binome. BINOME

Leandro Feal, From the serie "Ya la vida cambió", 2017, Ultrachrome imprint/Baryta paper 310 gr, 10x7 cm, courtesy of the artist and Cibrián Gallery. CIBRIÁN

Roman Moriceau, Botanische Garten Neu 2 IV, 2018, Poussière de cuivre sur papier, 134 x 97 cm, Courtesy de l'artiste et Galerie Derouillon, Paris. DEROUILLON

Alfredo Rodriguez, BodyBuilding Z05, 2019, Silver Gelatin on mixed media., 200 X 120 CM, Espacio Valverde. ESPACIO VALVERDE

Morvarid K., Ecotone 1, 2019, Kintsugi on paper, 50 x 50 cm, © Fisheye Gallery - Morvarid K - Ecotone 25. FISHEYE

Nate Lewis, Transparent Memory, 2018, Hand-sculpted paper inkjet print, 28h x 26w inches, All images courtesy of the artist and Fridman Gallery, New York. FRIDMAN

Elsa Leydier, Untitled #3, Bracos Verdes e Olhos Cheios de Asas, 2016, Pigment print, 74 cm x 90 cm, Elsa Leydier, courtesy Intervalle. INTERVALLE

David Meskhi, Untitled, 2019, Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Baryt paper, 60 x 43 cm, Courtesy of Galerie Kornfeld and the artist. KORNFELD

Elsa Parra et Johanna Benainous Elsa & johanna, Elsa&Johanna, A Couple of Them 35, jet d'encre sur papier baryté, 5ex+2EA, 90x63cm, 2014-2016. Courtesy Galerie La Forest Divonne., 2016, Jet d'encre sur papier Baryté, 90x63cm, © Johanna Benaïnous & Elsa Parra. LA FOREST DIVONNE

Marguerite Bornhauser, SANS-TITRE, MOISSON ROUGE, 2019, cibachrome encadrées en chêne brut et vitre anti reflets, 70 x 100 cm, © Marguerite Bornhauser. MADÉ

OVER THE INFLUENCE Los Angeles - Nydia Blas

Andrés Denegri, A: Bandera B: Argentina, 2018, Backlight diptych, 52 x 52 x 7 cm, Andrés Deneri. ROLF ART

Thomas Hauser, Module (image) #1. 2019 - 2019, 2019, Sérigraphie encre + étain Papier argentique (Ilford RC Deluxe), 60 x 80 cm, Edition de 7 (+ 2 AP), Courtesy Thomas Hauser / UN-SPACED Gallery. UN-SPACED