14 sept 2022

PHILIPPE HALSMAN - Edward Steichen, 1959. © Philippe Halsman Courtesy Magnum Photos.

We are pleased to announce the official fair image for the 25th edition, a portrait of Edward Steichen, one of the most prolific and influential figures in the history of photography by Philippe Halsman, himself considered one of the best photo-portraitists in France and inventor of the double-lens reflex camera.
Halsman made numerous portraits of politicians, celebrities and intellectuals such as Marc Chagall, Le Corbusier, Audrey Hepburn, Albert Einstein and Dali. In the 1950s, Halsman started asking his models to jump in front of the camera, because he observed that it seemed to relax people, as you see here. Such is the case of this famous portrait of Edward Steichan.
We thank Magnum, the renowned photographic agency, which celebrates with us an anniversary this year and has proposes this masterpiece from Halsman's jumpology series, an iconic work for a jubilant edition.
You can discover this work at Paris Photo at the ClairbyKahn booth.