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Digital prints
Digital images can be rendered using many types of media. They include prints on various materials (paper, fabric, metal, etc.) using an ink-jet or a thermal printer. It is also possible to employ traditional photosensitive processes (gelatin silver, chromogenic, dye destruction, etc.) thanks to digital enlargers such as the Durst Lambda, the Océ Lightjet or the Fuji Frontier. The images produced in this way are referred to as digital prints, and their authors often specify the brand of the enlarger used (“Lambda print,” “Lightjet print,” etc.). Another possibility is to print the image on a transparent surface to obtain a negative that can be used to make photographic contact prints. The whole range of historical processes then becomes available, contributing to the current revival of many alternative processes.

Images from the top:
Tirage à l’huile (oléotypie) sur papier aquarelle d’après négatif numérique jet d’encre sur support polyester © Constance Asseman / 2015

Négatif numérique sur support polyester lumière transmise sur table lumineuse © ARCP/Mairie de Paris, Constance Asseman / 2015

Impression d’un négatif numérique jet d’encre sur support polyester © ARCP/Mairie de Paris, Constance Asseman / 2015

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