FIRST PHOTOBOOK SHORTLIST: I Absolutely Forbade All Public Photographs of Myself

Yannick Bouillis
I Absolutely Forbade All Public Photographs of Myself

Self-published, Amsterdam, 2016
Designed by Virginie Gauthier and François Girard-Meunier

Can we control images of ourselves? Can we outlaw them? Can we stop them from circulating? And should we? The late philosopher Jacques Derrida attempted to ban all images of himself. Then, as the Internet took hold, he gave up and accepted them as inevitable. Based on a now-famous video interview with Derrida, Yannick Bouillis’s book, simply produced in halftone, is “funny, clever, touching, and profound,” according to David Campany; “It is also light on its feet, elegant, and quick-witted, just like Derrida himself.” Converting speech to the written word was one of Derrida’s lifelong philosophical interests. Bouillis plays with this theme, turning a recorded voice into words on paper, and turning the movement of video into the stuttering succession of pages. “Derrida would have approved,” concludes David Campany.

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