FIRST PHOTOBOOK SHORTLIST: ​Estamos Buscando A (We’re Looking For)

Estamos Buscando A (We’re Looking For)
Paul Turounet
Self-published, San Diego, 2016

With a design and scale meant to emulate pamphlets printed by the Mexican government that target people trying to emigrate to the United States, Estamos Buscando A (We’re Looking For) delicately navigates the uncertainty of migration. “The topic of the migrant, at this time, is so important,” Wiesner notes. “The way the format references these pamphlets is a very intelligent way to deal with this topic.” Through a combination of beautifully seen black-and-white landscapes and portraits alongside maps, illustrations, and instructions (sections include “Be Careful of Smugglers,” “If You Are Detained,” etc.), this book cleverly captures the plight of the modern-day migrant. Each of the photographs is marked with a number that corresponds to a location along the U.S.–Mexico border that can be found on the foldout map provided. Turounet transports us to where the unknown seems both dangerous and worthy of risk.

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