PHOTOBOOK OF THE YEAR SHORTLIST:​ ​Parallel Encyclopedia #2

Batia Suter
Parallel Encyclopedia #2

Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2016
Designed by Roger Willems

“Batia Suter’s Parallel Encyclopedia #2 is exactly that: a reimagining of the world’s knowledge,” says Campany. Following the publication of the first Parallel Encyclopedia almost a decade ago, Suter continues her practice of appropriating and reconfiguring images from an enormous range of sources:

black-and-white illustrations culled from textbooks, encyclopedias, art catalogues, and movie stills, interspersed with the occasional pop of a color reproduction or photograph of an item that almost functions as a trompe l’oeil, such as a household sponge or a bit of wood that seems to have been forgotten and pressed among the pages. Throughout this spate of images, Suter looks for unlikely connections through form and theme. Campany calls the results of this latest effort “a dazzling demonstration of playful visual intelligence, sustained over nearly six hundred pages.”

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