PHOTOBOOK OF THE YEAR SHORTLIST:​ ​Berenice Abbott : Paris Portraits, 1925-1930

Ron Kurtz et Hank O’Neal
Berenice Abbott: Paris Portraits, 1925–1930

Steidl and Commerce Graphics, Göttingen, Germany, and New York, 2016 Designed by Gerhard Steidl and Duncan Whyte steidl.de • commercegraphics.com

Four years after the announcement of this book in the Steidl catalogue, Berenice Abbott: Paris Portraits, 1925–1930 rewards the patient fan and scholar of Abbott’s work with an exacting, elegant catalogue of her iconic Parisian portraits. Each image is scanned at full size from the original glass-plate negatives; the images are repeated twice. The first appearance reproduces the commonly known crop of the image; the following spread reproduces the full frame of that same image. Brief bios of the people depicted accompany most of the photographs. “Thanks to all the added detail of the studio setting, you really get the feel of being in a classic Parisian garret at the world’s most interesting salon, with the likes of Eugène Atget, Sylvia Beach, Max Ernst, James Joyce, and Peggy Guggenheim,” Lesley Martin observes. “This book is a transporting and refreshing reintroduction to an important early slice of this great artist’s work.”

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