J.P. Morgan supported again Paris Photo by exhibiting Best Picture, a selection of photographs coming from its own collection, the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection.

The selection, made by Lisa K. Erf, director and curator of the collection, have included several photographic works representing a sample of five decades of acquisitions, making up one of the biggest collections made by a company in the world.

Best Picture have brought together extraordinary examples by internationally acclaimed artists who use found photographic portraits to explore themes of constructed identity. Applying strategies that range from straightforward appropriation to subtle manipulation, these artists re-present existing images of people culled from media, advertising or cultural ephemera. The exhibition has featured work by Jeff Koons, Jiri Kolar, Nancy Burson, Barbara Kruger, Annette Lemieux, Olaf Nicolai, Richard Prince, Laurie Simmons, and Andy Warhol.

Created in 1959 by David Rockefeller, the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection contains more than 30,000 works of art, on display in 450 offices all over the world. With more than 6,000 photographs or works based on that medium, whether historical or contemporary, photography has an important place in that collection. In 1990, PhotoPlay, an exhibition of contemporary photographs coming exclusively from the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, was already presented in several countries in Latin America – a first in those days.

Watch the video presentation by Lisa K. Erf, Director and Chief Curator of the JPMORGAN Chase Art Collection.

Discover the last year's exhibition, Spectacular Vernacular presenting works by William Eggleston, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, Eve Arnold and Lynne Cohen.

For more information : www.jpmorgan.com

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