Conversations and screenings

Conversations and screenings
Curated by Douglas Fogle and Hanneke Skerath

SOUND & VISION has offer visitors a wide array of intellectual perspectives on the use of images from some of the leading international artists and curators working today.

Organized by independent curators Douglas Fogle and Hanneke Skerath, the program consists of five conversations taking place over the course of the three days of Paris Photo Los Angeles. Each program brings together a pair of artists for a lively and open dialogue about their artistic practices as well as more philosophical discussions about the status of the image in contemporary society.

Each conversation is be preceded by a short conceptual meditation on issues raised in the work of the artists by a leading curator or critic from the fields of photography, contemporary art, and cinema. Screenings of participating artists' moving image works will immediately follow selected conversations.

Watch the complete video footage of the Conversations on our dedicated vimeo channel: vimeo.com/channels/soundandvision2015

Taking place in SHERRY LANSING THEATRE, participants will include artists and curators: Pierre Bismuth, Kerry Brougher (Director, Academy Museum, Los Angeles), Tacita Dean, D.V. DeVincentis, Jonathan Griffin (Editor, Frieze Magazine), Paul McCarthy, Alex McDowell, RDI, Aram Moshayedi (Curator, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles), Agustin Perez Rubio (Artistic Director, MALBA, Buenos Aires), Hirsch Perlman, Mathias Poledna, Stephen Prina, Allen Ruppersberg, Amie Siegel, Pauline J. Yao (Curator, Visual Art, M+, Hong Kong).

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In the meantime, you can relive last year's Conversations on our dedicated vimeo channel: vimeo.com/channels/soundandvision2014

See below the day to day program:


2.00 PM: Conversation
Allen Ruppersberg and Hirsch Perlman
Curator : Aram Moshayedi (Curator, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles)

3.00 PM: Screening
Allen Ruppersberg, "Lecture on Houdini", 1973 - B&W (30 mn)

4.00 PM: Conversation
Amie Siegel and Stephen Prina
Curator : Pauline J. Yao (Curator, Visual Art, M+, Hong Kong)

5.00 PM: Screening
Amie Siegel

"Provenance", 2013 - HD video, color/sound (40 mn)
"Lot 248", 2013 - HD Video, color/sound (6 mn)


2.00 PM: Conversation
Alex McDowell, RDI and Paul McCarthy
Curator: Agustin Perez Rubio (Artistic Director, MALBA/ Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires)

4.00 PM: Conversation
Tacita Dean and Mathias Poledna
Curator :
Kerry Brougher (Director, Academy Museum, Los Angeles)


2.00 PM: Conversation
Pierre Bismuth and D.V. DeVincentis
Curator: Jonathan Griffin (Editor, Frieze magazine)

3.00 PM: Screening
Pierre Bismuth

"Where is Rocky II teaser", 2015 (2:14)
"Where is Rocky II trailer", 2014 (3:40)
"Following the left hand of Jacques Lacan", 2012 (4:59)
"Following Elvis’ hand in jailhouse rock", 2011 (3:12)
"The all seeing eye", 2005 (8:48)
"Respect The Dead - Lethal Weapon", 2003 (6:38)
"Link", 1999 (5 mn extract)
"Synopsis", 1995 (5 mn extract)

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