From left to right : Theodor Leutwein, Johannes Maharero or Michael Tjisiseta, Ludwig Kleinschmidt, Manasse Tjisiseta, et Samuel Maharero.
Herero women working as forced laborers

The 20th Century's First Genocide - The Herero and Nama in German South-West Africa, 1904-1908

Nov 25, 2016 — Mar 12, 2017

Mémorial de la Shoah

17, rue Geoffroy l’Asnier
75004 paris
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Between 1904 and 1908, around 80% of the Herero people and 50% of the Nama people living within the borders of present-day Namibia were exterminated. The Federal Republic of Germany is in the process of recognizing this crime as genocide, it is considered the first in the 20th century. In this exhibition of archives, objects and photographs, the Shoah Mémorial focuses on the event for the first time in France. Although still widely unknown to the general public, it has been a research topic since the mid-1990s.
More information : http://www.memorialdelashoah.org/