Dublin, 1980, Distress © Stéphane Duroy
Bradford, 1981, Distress © Stéphane Duroy
Billings, Montana, 2003, Etats Unis © Stéphane Duroy
Pages made from the book Unknow in 2016
Pages made from the book Unknown in 2015

Stéphane Duroy - Again and again

Jan 06, 2017 — Apr 09, 2017

Le Bal

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What if Stéphane Duroy's work was an exile? After forty years of obsessive wandering in the footsteps of old Europe as far as the United States, Stéphane Duroy today seems pushed by a Wind of renewal, towards a photographic praxis taken ever further from itself.
"L'Europe du Silence", a ground-breaking work embarked upon by the photographer in the 1980s, comes across as an attempt to set out to encounter great History. Constructed in a long-term movement, this series records the vision of man in search of his identity and the memory of an Europe shaken by two world wards and many different totalitarian aberrations.
Since 1977, he has also been facing up to another reality, that of the human factor, of people left out, workers and dropouts into the distress of a Thatcherite Britain undergoig profound changes. The book "Distress", which was published late in 2011, is the culination of an immersion spanning more than 30 years in a profoundly battered country.
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