Hervé Di Rosa, Miami piece 4, 2003 © Pierre Schwartz

Plus jamais seul - Hervé Di Rosa et les arts modestes

Oct 22, 2016 — Jan 22, 2017

la maison rouge - fondation antoine de galbert

10, boulevard de la Bastille
75012 paris
T +33 (0)1 40 01 08 81

Plus jamais seul, Hervé Di Rosa and the modest arts is the latest in La maison rouge's cycle of exhibitions showing private collections. Following on from Arnulf Rainer in 2005 and Jean-Jacques Lebel in 2010, this is the third time the foundation has invited an artist to present his own work in the light of works and objects he has collected.
A prominent figure of the art scene and a major protagonist of Free Figuration, since the 1980s Hervé Di Rosa (born 1959 in Sète) has campaigned for recognition of modest art, which he says "has ties with popular art, primitive art, art brut, but is also more than that. It takes in mass-produced objects just as much as one-offs, most with little monetary value but vast emotional worth. Beyond the critic's view, the notion of good or bad taste, or aesthetic rigour, admirers of modest art are joined in a spontaneous, of-the-moment delight that is tinted with childhood memories and simple, non- theorised pleasures."

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