Natalia LL, Detail of Consumer Art, 1972 (Printed 2016). Full work consisting of 20 hand-printed photographs on archival paper, 30 x 40 cm (each), unique. Courtesy of Roman Road and the artist

Natalia LL, Probabilities

Nov 03, 2016 — Jan 14, 2017

Paris Fair Exhibitor

69 Roman Road
E2 0QN london
T +44 020 898 170 75

Roman Road is very pleased to introduce Natalia LL, an artist of the Polish feminist avant-garde, to the London art scene with a solo exhibition entitled Probabilities that focuses on some of her early series. Created in the 1970s, during a decisive moment in her career, the show presents framed photographs and videos from the artist’s notorious Consumer Art and Post-consumer Art, in which she drew attention to the issues of consumer culture and the status of women in the then society. The exhibition also features a unique installation of Natalia LL’s NATALIA!; employing the high ceiling of the gallery, this piece has been specially printed as a vinyl that measures the full height of the walls, instigating a novel experience of the artist’s work.