L'oeil de Baudelaire - Baudelaire's vision of art

L'oeil de Baudelaire - BAUDELAIRE’S VISION OF ART

Sep 20, 2016 — Jan 29, 2017

Musée de la vie romantique

16, rue Chaptal
75009 paris

Imagine an exhibition that resumes the dialogue between a young poet's texts and the works of art they describe. Visitors will be given an opportunity to step into the pages of Baudelaire's aesthetic writings, landmark works in the history of art criticism. Surrounded by some one hundred paintings, sculptures and prints evoked by Baudelaire, viewers are invited to compare their own way of seeing with the author’s of Les Fleurs du Mal artistic sensibility, and to understand how the definition of modern beauty was forged, a definition he would never abandon.

Alongside Baudelaire, this exhibition will explore transformations that came about between Romanticism and Impressionism by presenting leading artists of the time - Delacroix, Ingres, Camille Corot, Rousseau or Chassériau - painters who succeeded in delighting or irritating him. It will explore the notion of modernity, as shaped by the poet, in response to a changing Paris and emerging artistic languages, personified by the younger generation and the figure of Manet. Finally, the exhibition will demonstrate Baudelaire's unfailing attachment to Romanticism and to Delacroix.

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