Debbie Fleming Caffery, Roberto, 1994, Courtesy of Gitterman Gallery.
Machiel Botman, IJke flowers, Haarlem, 1993, Courtesy of Gitterman Gallery.

Debbie Fleming & Caffery Machiel Botman

Apr 06, 2017 — Jun 03, 2017

Paris Fair Exhibitor

41 East 57 Street, Suite 1103
10022 new york
T +1 212 734 08 68

Opening reception: Thursday April, 6th from 6 to 8 p.m.

This exhibition brings together two artists, Debbie Fleming Caffery and Machiel Botman, both masters of the gelatin silver print as a medium of self expression.

Debbie Fleming Caffery grew up along the Bayou Teche in southwest Louisiana and still lives in the area. Early on in her career, she was inspired by the work of Dorothea Lange and many of the artists working within the FSA and Federal Arts Project of the WPA during the Depression. Like these forbears, she is interested in telling stories with her pictures, but unlike those earlier photographers, her work is as much artful as it is documentary. Her rich, and dramatic prints are the result of the deep relationships with the people and places she photographs, a visual corollary to the reverence she has for her subjects.

A key figure in Dutch photography, Machiel Botman has always photographed as a way to understand life. He is not restrained by photographic conventions; rather, Botman works instinctively, utilizing a variety of exposures, depths of field and focal distances, resulting in a style that is uniquely his own. Each image evokes a world of interconnectedness without relying on overly poetic sentiment. He embraces life yet utilizes the magic of photography to capture what is beyond our accustomed perspective.