Deanna Templeton, The Swimming Pool, Courtesy of Gallery Fifty One.

Deanna Templeton - The Swimming Pool

May 02, 2017 — Jun 24, 2017

Paris Fair Exhibitor

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2000 antwerpen
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GALLERY FIFTY ONE TOO is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition by the California based photographer Deanna Templeton (US, 1969), called ‘The Swimming Pool’, a sun-lit series of colour, black-and-white and Polaroid pictures showing different models photographed from above while swimming naked in Templeton’s pool.

Templeton was inspired for this project after she shot a picture of her husband, professional skateboarder and artist Ed Templeton (US, 1972), skinny dipping in their pool, and was intrigued by the way the light was reflected in the water. Over the next eight summers, from 2007 until 2015, Templeton invited her friends and acquaintances to do the same, encouraging them to express themselves in the water. The one-on-one connection between the photographer and the naked model resulted in intimate pictures that simultaneously capture the feeling of freedom, weightlessness and total isolation from the outside world one experiences while being alone under water.